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"It's rare to find music today that is both modern fucked up and classic sounding. The Norwegian quartet fills this gap."

- Vlad Nowaczyk:

The self-titled album from 2021 has received good reviews both in Norwegian and international metal blogs, and with a long list
of performances at John Dee, Krøsset, Rock In, and sold-out concerts at Internasjonalen, FoxHunt, 
inspired by various metal genres and other extreme music, has become a fresh addition to Oslo's obscure underground scene.

With instrumentals in the delightful intersection between old-school and modern, along with explosively passionate vocals, 
the band floats through claustrophobic song structures and delivers an elegant and strong musical experience.

Origin and base: Oslo, Norway

Genres: alternative- / blackened Thrash metal

Years active: 2016 - Present 


"The swaying rhythm actually mimics the fox's stereotypical gait to such an extent that the term "fox metal" almost becomes part of the taxonomy of metal journalism as a result."

- Fredrik Schjerve:

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